Programmes/Activities of the Institute

Research and Consultancy Services

The Institute carries out studies in all aspects of environmental degradation and remediation of the soil, water and air.  Specific areas of interest include but not limited to the following areas:


  1. Air pollution studies using both land-based and satellite-based data.
  2. Water quality assessment (surface and groundwater).
  3. Hydrological studies including flood risk and flood hazard assessment.
  4. Soil erosion studies and control including remediation measures.
  5. Environment Impact Assessment studies.
  6. Resettlement Action Plan and Engineering designs for flood and erosion control.
  7. Geotechnical/Engineering geological studies including foundation studies.
  8. Training workshops and seminars.
  9. General services.

Community Extension Services

The Institute carries out Extension and Community Enlightenment Services to communities with very endemic gully erosion to advise and train them on the need to curb gully development by embracing preventive measures. In addition, the Institute engages in Town Hall Meetings with various communities and other major stakeholders on conservative farming systems and environmental protection including discouraging them from indiscriminate felling of trees and bush burning.

Organization of Workshops, Conferences, Symposium and other training programmes

The Institute organizes Local, National and International conferences, workshops, symposium and other training programmes. The First International Symposium on Erosion in Southeastern Nigeria was held at the Federal University of Technology Owerri Nigeria organized by the Erosion Research Project and supported by the European Economic Community (EEC) between 4-12 April, 1988. Furthermore, the Institute organises annual training workshops, conferences and symposia on Erosion Prevention, Control and Management, Watershed management, Environmental Hazard Control /Mitigation and Management; Climate change, Global warming and Weather forecast,  Land use/Land cover dynamics, Flood Mitigation and Control, etc.

In organizing the workshops,  the Institute collaborates  with relevant stakeholders of the environment such as Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMET), Nigerian Geological Survey Agency (NGSA), Nigerian Erosion and Watershed Management Programme (NEWMAP),etc. The Institute has some publications in the form of proceedings on the above transactions and has a registered International journal (Online and Print Versions) called, ‘’Journal of Erosion and Environmental Degradation (ISSN 115-1943)’’.

Certificate/Diploma/Postgraduate Programmes

In her quest to provide highly efficient technical manpower in the areas of flooding (flood hazard/flood risk assessment), soil erosion and watershed management, etc, the Institute mounted some specialized academic programmes. They are:

  1. Certificate/Diploma in Soil Erosion Control and Watershed
  2. M.Sc/PhD in Integrated Watershed Management
  3. M.Sc/PhD in Urban/Rural Drainage Systems and Management.

The duration of the various programmes varies from three weeks to 36 months. The details are contained in the Institute’s handbook. For more information, visit:

Click to Download the PG Programme in PDF.